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  • Tom Kendall


Time to Plant the Garlic.

Tom Kendall plants out Russian Garlic.

Jordan Recap

Tom Kendall shows some of the highlights of his trip to Jordan.

PRI Jordan

Tom Kendall is onsite at "The Greening of the Desert, The Sequel".

Getting Ready

Tom Kendall prepares his property before his trip to Jordan.

New Handtool in the Quiver!

Tom Kendall makes another step towards sustainability.

The Sweet Potato Bed and an Abundance of Compost.

Tom Kendall uses chicken made compost to build up his sweet potato garden bed.

Chipping Goat Forage Waste.

Tom Kendall chips up the waste from goat forage feed.

Bio-digester Cover Step Two

Tom Kendall pours the second stage of his Methane Gas Bio-digester dome cover.

Earthen Floor Wax

Tom Kendall applies a bees wax paste to his Earthen Floor.

Bi-digester Finishing Touches

Tom Kendall concretes a cover over his Bio-digester.
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