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  • Tom Kendall


Weeks End Wrapup

Tom Kendall talks about fungal activity in the garden and what happened with his week .

Cassava Cookup

Tom Kendall cooks his cassava harvest on his rocket stove.

Re-purpose and Reuse

Tom Kendall organises "important stuff" under his house.

Strawberry Transplant Time

Tom Kendall transplants strawberry runners into a new garden bed.

Why Moving the Turmeric

Tom Kendall starts a new location to get more production from Turmeric.

Zone Four Chop and Drop

Tom Kendall manages his Zone Four Swale.

One Thing Leads to the Next

Tom Kendall plants Russian garlic and tumeric at Maungaraeda.

Potato Planting

Tom Kendall plants potatoes and manages his cow pastures.

Dung Beetle

Tom Kendall finds a new species on his permaculture designed property.

Food Forest Chook Tractor Move

Tom Kendall moves his chook tractor to establish his Food Forest.
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