We function primarily by donations. Your donations will help us empower, inspire and educate yourself and others to become resilient, sustainable and to take care of this beautiful planet!

If you would like to make regular donations to assist with our operations, we have a Patreon page here, where you can sign up to donate a regular monthly amount ranging from US$5 to US$1000.

To make a one off donation with Paypal, please go to our Paypal Donation page here.

If you would like to donate to support us, below is an example of what your donation would support:

$25 buys a bag of chicken feed. We are aiming to get the black soldier farm organised to feed them larvae, but have not yet been able to do that yet. At this stage we spend an average of $100 per week on stock feed, primarily chicken feed and supplements like garlic and seaweed meal.

$50 goes towards fuel. Currently we are having to pump water from the creek as our dam is now empty. $50 worth of fuel gives us a couple of weeks pumping water up to water the gardens and for the animals.

$100 goes towards fencing. We need more electric fencing for our existing and any future animals. We would like to add sheep, pigs, ducks and geese for diversity and we would like to open up more paddocks for our goats.

$500 supports the farm and the running of the not for profit organisation for a week. This will then enable us to go away from the farm to assist others in need.

$1000 assists us to put on events and workshops teaching others about permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and helps us pay for high calibre presenters for these events.

We also run crowd funding and other fundraisers to raise capital in order to help projects and people who have requested our assistance. These projects will be noted on this site. Projects we are looking at raising funds for in 2020 are:

  • Permaculture training and teacher training in Fiji
  • Travel to Bhutan to assist with a permaculture project for youth
  • Permaculture training in Papua New Guinea

Thank you for donating, please sign up to our newsletter and/or our website so you can stay updated with what we do!

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