The Sweet Potato Bed and an Abundance of Compost.

Tom Kendall

Tom is a lifelong agriculturalist and co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. His site "Maungaraeeda" is a Permaculture Demonstration and Education Site. He is a Permaculture Educator and Consultant, and has a wealth of knowledge about how to be truly sustainable. Water management strategies, alternative fuel generation, animal systems and numerous other Permaculture Designed Solutions are his speciality.

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4 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    I had a day of compost yesterday – not in your quantities by any stretch of the imagination…. Your soil is going to be excellent!

    • Tom Kendall says:

      In time there could be an issue with the soil progress due to limited diversity in the compost. However as the pastures improve in diversity with their management program this may not occur.
      You gotta love a good compost!!

  1. 22/03/2016

    […] Source: The Sweet Potato Bed and an Abundance of Compost. – DIY Food and Health – permaculture, food, he… […]

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