Terms of Service for PermEco Community Membership and the PermEco.org website

PermEco Inc. will attempt to provide updates for all community membership tiers and the permeco.org website on a regular basis. Some updates are more frequent than others. As we run the farm and provide free information and courses accessible to everyone, we will endeavour to update our website and community tier members as frequently as possible.

The information provided as part of the website and the community tier membership is true and valid in as far we can determine. We do a lot of research as part our objectives and will provide information as a result of this research. PermEco Inc., its committee and its members do not accept any liability for information used by you that does not impart the result as projected in the information we supplied. All circumstances are different and extraneous influences will affect results. We trust that you will use the information we provide you as a guide to determine what can work best for your particular circumstances. The information we supply serves as an inspiration and empowerment for you to find and create solutions for your own particular circumstances.

All information, articles, courses, videos and photos on this website are and remain property of PermEco Inc. Copyright applies. If you would like to use any of the images, videos or information on this website publicly, please contact us at info (at) permeco.org to ask for permission.

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