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Tom Kendall

Tom is a lifelong agriculturalist and co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. His site "Maungaraeeda" is a Permaculture Demonstration and Education Site. He is a Permaculture Educator and Consultant, and has a wealth of knowledge about how to be truly sustainable. Water management strategies, alternative fuel generation, animal systems and numerous other Permaculture Designed Solutions are his speciality.

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  1. Richie says:

    please can you tell us which legumes and chop and drops you use.. many thanks

    • Tom Kendall says:

      Hi Richie, thanks for the reply and your question. I could tell you what species I use however most species are going to be climate and site specific so my selection may not suit your situation. Where did I start selecting from, well I will try whatever legumes I see in my travels that I think may work. There are probably 1/3 of my choices that haven’t worked as they just didn’t suit even though I really thought that they would.So I am always looking for more that might fit the niches in the system. These niches are not only size but also time as the nitrogen fixers are really sacrificial plants and many only last for a short time. The carbon plants will depend on your climate as well. Lantana grow extremely well in this subtropical space so I look for plants that are nicer to work with. Lantana is quite abrasive when younger and always likes to poke me in the eye, otherwise I would use it. Its a great soil builder. So I look for plants that are of a similar makeup. Mugwort and a type of basil that we call Tulsi though I’m not certain that it truly is, are my main plants of choice and they seem to be giving great results.

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