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  • Tom Kendall


Cycling the Humanure

Compost toilet material composted and cycled.

From Yacon to Pumpkin

An attempt to accelerate the soil building process for growing pumpkins.

Compost Worm Farm for Chicken Food

Turning excess cow manure into chicken food!

Bindi’s one Bad Day

One of our strategies for protein self-sufficiency.

Obtain a Yield

Harvesting of home grown produce is very gratifying.

The New Space Nearly Prepared

A Strategic Methodical Approach gains rewards.

Permaculture Designed Primary School in Vanuatu

A permaculture design consultation for a primary school and community center for MAA in Vanuatu.

Mulch in Abundance

Tom Kendall stores excess mulch for leaner months.

Chicken Tractor Cell 2

Tom Kendall prepares cell two of his chicken tractor for planting.

Kitchen Benchtop

Tom Kendall creates kitchen benchtops from slabbed Camphor Laurel.