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  • Tom Kendall


Food Forest “chop and drop”

Tom Kendall applying "chop and drop" in the Food Forest.

Sealing Earthen Floor

Tom Kendall seals natural building earthen floor.

Cream Separating

Tom Kendall cream separating task on the permaculture farm.

Wall Footings

The house is an extended operation in progress. We have been living in a “queenslander” that is often too hot and can get too cold....

Earthen floor

After quite a break I am back onto getting the earthen floor completed.     We needed to stop to facilitate a PDC, the two week Permaculture...

Sheetmulching for ginger

Last October we decided to plant ginger as a cash crop experiment. I never gave ourselves much of a lead up time to do this...

15 Feb 2016 Mon

Bill Mollinsons principal of “every element has more than one function” is very relevant for sustainability. And then I have another saying that I use...

14 Feb 2016 Sun

Tending bananas for more production and easier management.
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