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Tom Kendall

Tom is a lifelong agriculturalist and co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. His site "Maungaraeeda" is a Permaculture Demonstration and Education Site. He is a Permaculture Educator and Consultant, and has a wealth of knowledge about how to be truly sustainable. Water management strategies, alternative fuel generation, animal systems and numerous other Permaculture Designed Solutions are his speciality.

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  1. Gordon Claridge says:

    Hi Tom

    Great post. Good to see you doing this.

    You listed a few benefits of raising and eating your own beef (or goat or lamb or chickens), but it can also be stated as blanket view that “we know and approve of everything about how this animal was raised and killed”.

    That’s really important to a lot of people, even those who cannot raise and slaughter their own animals.

    We found a way around this – we have the space, but not the soil or pasture quality or even the water supply to raise our own cattle, sheep or goats – and that was to buy a quarter, half or even whole butchered animal from people we know and trust. That way we do know everything that is important to us about how the animal has been raised and killed. We had two suppliers, one who raised low-line Angus cattle, and from them we got 1/4 of every cut from the butchered animal. The other has a flock of sheep and we could get a half or whole butchered hoggett (i.e. older than one year but not adult). If course you need the freezer space to do this, but in reality is isn’t much.

    Unfortunately the long dry spells in recent years have meant that the cattle farmer has had to reduce his herd down to just a breeding nucleus, and the sheep raisers have similarly had to cut back.

    But the principle is sound, and not only gave us the certainty we wanted about the nature of our food, but perhaps more important, supported small-scale local producers who were doing the right thing by the animal, the environment and their clients.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Tom Kendall says:

      Thanks for your comment Gordon, valid points. We appreciate your imputs.

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