CelebrATE! 20-22 September 2019

CelebrATE! event

CelebrATE! 2019

20-22 SEPTEMBER 2019

A 2 day celebration of Permaculture, Music and Food.

CelebrATE 2019 includes:

– ALL meals (homegrown local produce cooked by fantastic local chef from Blackant Gourmet!)
– Camping for two nights
– Permaculture based hands on workshops
– Fantastic performances by internationally renowned artists
– Marimba and percussion workshops
– A guided tour of the Kendall Permaculture Farm education & demonstration site, home of PermEco Inc.
(individual day and performance only attendance also possible, bookings essential!)

Read about CelebrATE! 2018

See photos of CelebrATE! 2018 at bottom of page


Friday 20 September 2019:
from 4pm: Arrival and set up camp
6.30pm: Dinner and welcome
7.15pm: Simple percussion for beginners workshop with Zaia Kendall
8.00pm: Performance: The Imprints

Saturday 21 September 2019:
6.30am Edible herbs and weeds with Dee Humphreys
8am: Breakfast
9am: Bio-digester: making biogas with Tom Kendall
10.30am: Morning tea
11.00am: Preserving and Fermenting with Elisabeth Fekonia
12.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm: Seed saving and seedling raising with Elisabeth Fekonia
3.00pm Afternoon tea
3.30pm: Marimba madness with Zaia Kendall
5.00pm: Performance: Jenny Fitzgibbon
6pm: Dinner
7.30pm: Performance: Linsey Pollak

Sunday 22 September 2019
6.30am: Holistic animal management with Tom Kendall
8am: Breakfast
9am: Living Soils with Phil Stringer
10.30am: Morning tea
11.00am: farm tour with Tom Kendall
1.30pm: lunch
2.30pm: beekeeping with Chris Fuller
4.00pm afternoon tea and departure


Tom Kendall
A permaculture farmer with over 40 years farming experience and a broad acre agricultural background, Tom is co-founder of the PRI Sunshine Coast Inc and PRI Luganville, Vanuatu and runs PDC courses and Permaculture training on for the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. at the Kendall Permaculture Education & Demonstration Site. Tom has co-taught Permaculture Design Certificate courses with Geoff Lawton and has taught Permaculture courses in Australia and overseas. He is part of our environmental advisory team and does regular consultations for personal land holders as well as not for profit organisations and government departments in Australia and overseas.

Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller is the owner and director of Kin Kin Native Bees. Chris gained his interest in Australian native bees while working for over 20 years as an entomology consultant to the macadamia industry on the Sunshine Coast. A number of years ago he identified the importance of native bees as macadamia pollinators and that, in conjunction of decline in honeybees, prompted him to start building and propagating hives of native stingless bees and now offers a commercial pollination service. The bees are also now being heavily researched as alternative pollinators for a wide range of our main food crops.
In the last few years he has developed an interest in the medicinal and culinary uses for the honey of the stingless bees. This honey is one of the rarest and most ancient in the world.

Dee Humphreys
Dee Humphreys has spent the past thirteen years exploring practical uses for a range of herbs and weeds that grow easily on the Sunshine Coast. Dee and Ian ran the “Garden of Eatin”, a magical 10 acres of edible gardens where they taught people through educational Garden Tours. The focus was on eating what they and Mother Nature grew (edible greens). Three years ago Dee and Ian moved to a suburban block in Noosa (592m2) and set about planting an abundant edible garden in the small space around their home, while respecting Mother Nature’s useful and often nutritious weed contributions. Within 2 months they were harvesting “green goodies” from their 11 raised garden beds, 2 lowset gardens and the guilds planted around their 59 new fruit trees. All this within the small space around their home. Eating nutritious herbs and weeds from their garden (all things “green”) is Dee’s passion and she is always happy to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for edible greens.

Elisabeth Fekonia
After living the self sufficient life for twenty years, Elisabeth decided it would be good to pass on all those skills that she learned to those in the community that want to do likewise. Being able to successfully grow and produce your own food will bring many advantages including saving on the family food bill, having fresh organic produce available all year round and having food security. Fermenting your food such as sourdough and cheese making has many health advantages and at the same time is reviving forgotten skills from the past. Elisabeth is passionate about helping people grow and produce their own food.

Phil Stringer
Phil has a long and fruitful association with permaculture , having lived and worked with David Holmgren at Melliodora 25 years ago, and assisted running their PDC. Since then, his involvement in managing vineyards, rainforest, bushland, grazing and permaculture  property’s has continually focused on the importance of good soil health to foster healthy landscapes and vibrant and disease free plants, animals and eaters. While running a small pastured pig farm at Mothar Mountain for many years he worked in national and regional organisations promoting smallscale local food production, emphasising and celebrating healthy soil, Food Sovereignty, free range farming and good water management. Phil is currently managing and teaching at a permaculture community on 160 acres of rainforest in Kin Kin.

Linsey Pollak
Linsey has a reputation for making and playing instruments made from rubber gloves, carrots, watering cans, chairs, brooms, bins, and other found objects. He has worked as a musical instrument maker for over 30 years and has designed a number of new wind instruments as well as specialising in woodwind instruments from Eastern Europe (having studied Macedonian bagpipes in Macedonia). He has specialised in designing and making marimbas and other tuned percussion. His ongoing obsession combines much of this: Making music more accessible to the Community through musical instrument  making and playing workshops.
WEB: www.linseypollak.com

TEDX talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BISrGwN-yH4

Jodie Williams
Jodie is a qualified chef, who has worked in Noosa’s food industry for more than 25 years. Jodie’s love of the country, animals and cooking has led her to Kin Kin. Mayan Farm allows her the opportunity to produce culinary delights – from paddock to plate.
Jodie’s Black Ant Gourmet range of dips and condiments use as many locally grow ingredients as possible. Black Ant Gourmet uses Mayan Farm’s own grown free range beef, duck, chicken and pork in their catering business.  She has given new life to the bones of the original Kin Kin General Store with clever design to keep in with Kin Kin’s country theme and never-less-than-extraordinary food.  It’s a hive of creative expression with all food being free range and no spray as well as organic coffee. Jodie’s catering business Black Ant Gourmet will provide all the food for CelebrATE!
WEB: www.blackantgourmet.com.au

ZaiaZaia Kendall
Zaia was born into a family of musicians in Holland. She migrated to Australia when she was 20 and although growing up she was surrounded by music, she did not seriously start playing music herself until she was in her late 30’s and was introduced to the diatonic marimba (white keys only if you look at a keyboard). She took to it like a duck to water and within a short few years was playing in Australia’s foremost marimba band at the time: Jambezi.
She has been involved in, and has led and written music for, several marimba bands and has been involved in Latin and Gypsy bands playing percussion and/or melodic percussion.
Zaia is part of a number of musical projects, amongst others The Pyrophone Juggernaut, the world’s largest multi octave fire organ and the Unusual Suspects, a 25 piece Gypsy Street band, now disbanded. Through her mentor Linsey Pollak she became extremely interested in various odd rhythms, particularly Balkan style rhythms like, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8.
Musical projects she is involved in take her around Australia and overseas. She has been the percussion leader of the Woodford Folk Festival People’s orchestra since 2014 and performs as part of that on the main stage every year in the Welcome Ceremony and the Fire Event (Closing Ceremony). She teaches classes and workshops in melodic and rhythmic percussion and is avidly involved in community music.
WEB: www.zaia-music.com

The Imprints
The Imprints are an Australian duo creating dreamy dance music consisting of Willow Stahlut and Linden Lester. Armed with a violin, synth and various FX pedals, Willow creates deep sub bass lines and weaves a melodic tapestry beautifully complemented by Linden’s visceral energetic approach to the drums.
Playing together since 2010, the duo has honed their signature sound, a kaleidoscopic burst of psychotropic dance music, creating live loops every time they perform. Their use of layering and build-ups to intensify the hefty bass drop has festival crowds buzzing. Inspired musically by their travels around the world The Imprints draw inspiration from the traditional music of Africa, India and Eastern Europe as well as reggae, dub and various electronic music styles.
They’ve toured extensively performing at festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Boomtown (UK), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), Fusion Festival (Germany), Robson Valley Music Festival (Canada), Kispiox Valley Music Festival (Canada), Atmosphere (Canada), Katuaq (Greenland), Falls Festival (Aus), Rainbow Serpent (Aus), Queenscliff Music Festival (Aus)  and Luminate (NZ).
As a completely self-managed band they’ve released four albums and an EP and organised international tours in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

‘A natural chemistry.’ Raindrops and Rooftops
‘So undeniably distinctive, creative and experimental, their music reaches far beyond the scope of multi-genre, it is multi-dimensional.’ Mojo Junction
‘Stunning and Atmospheric.’ Tone Deaf
WEB: the imprints.com.au

Jenny Fitzgibbon
Jenny is a rare breed of singer who likes to make changing the world as fun as possible. With Gene Modified Food to the tune of Food Glorious Food and songs about composting and Potatoes with singalong choruses, she’s pretty funny. Shes a card-carrying ukulele carrier with a world class voice. 
www.jennyfitzgibbon.com and www.carboncanaries.com.au


When: Friday 20 September from 4pm until Sunday 22 September 8pm (this includes the 4 hour Jam).
Weekend and Day attendance possible, bookings essential!
Please note: Kendall Permaculture Farm is a drug, chemical, smoke and alcohol free property. Children welcome under parental supervision.

Where: In the picturesque Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. 93 Golden Gully Road, Kin Kin.

Please bring:
– Your tent and camping gear for season ticket holders: mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, torch, towel.
– Clothes that can get dirty
– Gumboots, raincoat
– A water bottle, filtered water is available.
– Your favourite cup/mug for tea, coffee and other drinks. If you prefer your own cutlery to the wooden ones provided, and/or your own re-useable plates and bowls, please bring them to reduce single use. Also bring a tea towel so you can wash and dry your own cup, cutlery and crockery after use and put them in a safe spot. Even better, mark them with your name!

Black Ant Gourmet is the local catering solution from Kin Kin. They make incredibly tasty and wholesome meals at the Kin Kin General Store, mostly with locally sourced and/or grown produce. The local Mayan Farm supplies much of the meat used for the meals. For CelebrATE, Black Ant Gourmet will be using food produced at Maungaraeeda, home of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. All meals are cooked from scratch, with no preservatives, flavours, colours or other nasties added. We have a choice of Meat and Vegetarian meals, which needs to be specified when booking. Tea, coffee and some cool drinks are also supplied, and morning and afternoon snacks. Filtered drinking water is available.

Food is served on biodegradable plates and with wooden cutlery, which will be composted on the property. If you prefer not to encourage single use items, please bring your own crockery and cutlery.


Friday 20 September:

Simple percussion with Zaia Kendall
Learn simple percussion played with your body and simple instruments.

Saturday 21 September:

Herbs and Weeds
Come along to this Workshop with Dee and you will walk away with a better
understanding of how and why to use “GREEN THINGS” (herbs and weeds)
in your daily life! 

Biogas biodigester
Make your own gas with cow manure! See a working biogas biodigester and get the low down from Tom Kendall. Get an idea of design, area required and maintenance.

Seed saving and seedling raising
A presentation by Elisabeth Fekonia on seed saving and seedling raising. This includes hands on participation from members of the group and will help get you started on your seed saving journey.

Fermenting and preserving
Learn to make Saurkrauts, Chutneys and Jams with Elisabeth Fekonia
Quick and easy ways of processing food to increase shelf life.

Marimba Madness
Join Zaia Kendall and learn a piece on marimba. Suitable for everyone, Zaia will teach one of her songs which everyone will play together by the end of the workshop.

Sunday 22 September:

Living Soils
Soils are the belly of the earth.
Phil Stringer shows how to encourage vibrant healthy soils full of life and free from disease.

Holistic Animal Management
Planet friendly animal systems
Tom Kendall explains methods of animal husbandry which have a positive impact on soil health and other natural systems.

Bee keeping
Learn all about native bees with Chris Fuller
In this workshop you can learn about the biology and management techniques of keeping native stingless bees as well as tips to attract some of the 2000 odd species of native solitary bees to your property.

This is a not for profit event organised by PermEco Inc. to promote education in Permaculture & Music and to create a community of like minded people. All ticket sales monies go to presenters, educators and performers in the program, and to cover catering and expenses to run the event. Any funds remaining go towards education and training people in Permaculture, sustainability and self sufficiency and running expenses of PermEco Inc.

Please contact info@permeco.org to enquire in regards to bookings for the weekend. Doors open for performance tickets 7.30pm Friday night and 7pm Saturday night. $20 at the door for performance only. Alcohol, drug and smoke free event.


Everyone had a fantastic time at CelebrATE! 2018! Please find some photos of the event below. Please join our newsletter if you would like to stay up to date with news about CelebrATE and/or our other events and activities.

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