Sunshine Coast Permaculture Urban: the beginning


Zaia is a musician, homesteader, permaculturist, holistic health and wellness coach and sustainability advocate. She and husband Tom run permaculture designed farm "Kendall Permaculture Farm" on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and the not for profit organisation PermEco Inc. and teach permaculture and self reliance. Zaia loves cooking and always comes up with new and different recipes to prepare the food she grows. She is a percussionist and is involved in various musical projects, including community music projects. She writes about life on the farm and tries to post regular photos and articles.

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  1. Paul Gahan says:

    Hi all, Iam from a little island in the bog of Allen Kildare Ireland .

    Could you give me some pointers to start me off, I worked in construction for 15 years, with the downturn I had to find something more solid.

    I found a 40 acre nursery on the bog of Allen : lullymore nurseries was set up by a state body as a shrub nursery 60 years ago, and failed..

    I can send some pics on your reply.

    Kind regards
    Paul Gahan

    • Zaia says:

      Hi Paul,
      Have you done a PDC? To really get started in Permaculture I would highly recommend doing one if you haven’t yet done so. This will teach you how to put a Permaculture Design in place on your property, which is the ideal place to start. The best time to make a Permaculture Design for your property is when you have lived on the property for long enough to know where the winds come from, what water does on the property and where water sources are, and where the ideal location is for a dwelling.

      It is difficult to be able to guide you on what to do if we cannot see the property itself in real life. Tom does do consultations, but it may be difficult as you are in Ireland. If you would like to get further information about a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) or Tom’s consultations, please contact us by email at info (at) permaculturesunshinecoast.org (replace (at) with @, no spaces. Otherwise we wish you the best of luck with your Permaculture endeavours!

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