Research & Case Studies Program

Current Research Projects:

Regenerative Grazing Monitoring Project

Syntropic Market Garden

PermEco Inc. runs research and case study projects in order to find more solutions to common problems like intense monoculture cropping, high food mileage and reliance on fossil fuel based fertilisers that are causing climate change and death of ecosystems. The results of the research and case studies are conducted by passionate volunteers and are published for free on the website.

The projects are run both onsite at the Kendall Permaculture Farm and throughout Queensland at this stage. It involves analysing land and water problems, finding and implementing solutions and observing and analysing the results. We hope to expand our research studies into other areas after successful results are obtained more locally.

PermEco Inc. believes that thorough research and case studies freely published are essential to enable to world to take on board solutions in order to produce permanently productive and sustainable ecosystems. These solutions should not need to be expensive or take a long time to show improvements. We have formed partnerships with other organisations, companies and individuals who are passionate about creating change, have knowledge about and have implemented solutions and are keen to publish their findings.

Ongoing case studies are currently conducted on the Kendall Permaculture Farm. We are assessing where we can make the biggest difference with our research and are in discussion with our advisors as to what project is of most urgency. We have access to the knowledge of several highly qualified researchers and scientists, and we are aiming to get our first research project running in 2020.

Solutions to climate change are already available, it is just a matter of implementation. We feel that the solutions are usually quite simple and very effective, but it is essential that people see what can be achieved as an end result. Our goal is to achieve permanently productive and sustainable ecosystems, and by running this program we hope to inspire others to implement solutions that we can show will solve common problems like erosion, productive food growing with natural methods, land, plant and animal management to improve carbon sequestration and pollution issues. Research and case study results freely published will help people decide on the best solutions for them in order to achieve a sustainable system that will help negate climate change.

Research and case studies will be recorded in writing and picture form and subsequently published. Results and recommendations coming out of the research and case studies will also be published freely on the website. Upon any major discoveries we will endeavour to find a scientist to do a peer review before publishing any results. Throughout the research / case study there will be a record written with appropriate dates and outcomes.

If you would like to support our research and case studies, or you have a suggestion for further research, please fill out the form below. Donations can also be made by clicking on the donate button on the right.

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