Regional Aid Program

Regional Aid Program

PermEco Inc. supports farmers in regional areas of Australia by providing free advice in order for them to create more productive and sustainable systems on their farm and to be prepared for disaster. PermEco Inc. believes that by educating our farmers to become more resilient, productive and sustainable, we can create a more sustainable environment, promote carbon sequestering, empower the farmer with better productivity and a nicer work environment and we will be able to minimise damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding or drought. Once our primary producers start managing their farms holistically with natural processes, we can start negating the effects of climate change more quickly. We are associated with Country Noosa, which encourages local farmers to look at more sustainable solutions to farming. We are involved in talks and presentations to local farmers, organised by Country Noosa.
Our consultants will travel to the farmer on their request and will spend at least one day (amount of days depend on size of property and requirements) at their farm whilst educating and advising the farmer on natural and sustainable methods of plant, animal, water and soil management. The consultant will visit the entire property and use appropriate technology to determine levels, fall and geological formation, and will ask the farmer questions determining what systems and processes would fit with the farmer’s work and personal life. A plan and design can be drawn up and ongoing support will be provided, either in person or by phone or email. Implementation works can also be organised by us, as we have the contacts in the industry with the knowledge and skills that are required for such works.
With farmers becoming more affected by natural disasters and discovering that the old methods of farming are no longer viable and productive, there is a need for farmers to become educated on methods of farming that will benefit both the environment and the farmer. Natural farms around the world are becoming carbon negative, meaning that the farms sequester more carbon than they produce. This means that one of the solutions to climate change lies in the hands of our farmers. In order to accelerate this process PermEco Inc. provides these services to farmers who are interested in changing their work methods and systems to more natural and holistic based principles.

The farmer will be required to fill out an action diary in which he will note down actions taken with subsequent results. Both actions and results are dated. The diary will be electronic and will be emailed to us on a 6 monthly basis. We will also require photos provided with the diary. We will contact the farmer prior to his submission due date to see how his project is coming along and to remind him of the submission date. This information will be displayed on our website as a case study, freely accessible by all.

Are you a farmer and interested in the program or a sponsor / donor interested in donating to the program? Please contact us below:

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