Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

between PermEco Inc. and you for the Kendall Permaculture Farm demonstration site at 93 Golden Gully Road, Kin Kin Queensland, Australia.

You will be volunteering/studying/training for PermEco Inc. (PermEco), the not for profit organisation which runs Permaculture courses, training, workshops and events as well as teaches and trains volunteers and students at Kendall Permaculture Farm, the Permaculture Demonstration and Education site at 93 Golden Gully Road, Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia.

PermEco respects all religious beliefs and encourages inter-cultural relations. PermEco will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

PermEco has a strict smoke, drug, chemical and alcohol free policy. Possession or being under the influence of alcohol or any illicit substances is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Demonstration Site (DS). This policy will be strictly enforced and anyone who breaches this contract will be asked to leave the property. Cigarettes can be smoked off the property on the road side, but please remember the environmental impact of smoking and dispose of any filters personally (off the property). Please be aware that many personal care products contain chemicals which can interfere with the natural processes on the property. We ask you use natural, chemical free products at all times on the property, some products may be made available for you on site.

Dress Code

PermEco requests that you recognise that the DS is a privately owned farm and that in order to respect the cultural sensitivities of the organisers and other workers/students/guests on the property, a modest dress code is requested. Swimming is allowed in dams, however, modesty is requested—this means no nude swimming. The organisers retain the right to request a change in your dress if you do not adhere to the dress code.

Sexual Harassment and Behaviour

PermEco discourages casual sexual behaviour at the DS between staff, students, volunteers and trainees. The purpose of this policy is in order to retain a sense of professionalism between staff, volunteers and students and to avoid problems, conflicts and negative outcomes which could potentially arise. Sexual harassment between any parties will not be tolerated.

PermEco is committed to creating an environment in which all members of the community feel safe and secure, free from harassment. PermEco will not tolerate violent, aggressive or arrogant language or behaviour of any kind. Repeated offenses will result in one being asked to leave the property.

Infringement of PermEco’s Policies

PermEco reserves the right to address your particular behaviour or dress if necessary. In a case where the No Drug and Alcohol Policy has been breached, you may be asked to leave without prior warning. In all other cases, PermEco will discuss the matter with you and provide a warning wherever appropriate. In cases of extreme behaviour or cases where the rights of other volunteers, students and staff have been infringed upon, you may be asked to leave without a warning.

Food & Accommodation

PermEco can supply fresh produce from the farm, whatever is in season. You are expected to take cooking in turns with other volunteers/students/trainees during your stay, or work out a schedule with others on the property in regards to meal preparation. We can supply dairy, meat, and fruit and vegetables in season. Volunteers and trainees will receive these free for the week’s use, course students are required to purchase these items either from us or a store. If you require any grain products you will need to purchase these yourself. The Kin Kin local store has bulk products available. Some days the organisers may cater for certain meals, this will be discussed upon arrival.

In applying for a volunteer, student or trainee position you agree that you have been made aware that dairy products we use on the farm are not pasteurised or homogenised. If you prefer pasteurised dairy, you will be able to purchase them at the local store in Kin Kin or the IGA in Pomona. You take full responsibility for consuming raw dairy products at the DS if you do not let us know you would prefer not to consume our dairy.

Accommodation is camping in self-provided tents. You agree to bring everything needed to be comfortable in your tent like a mattress, sleeping bag, pillow etc., as well as the tent itself. Torches and gumboots are recommended for your stay.

Medical Release

The DS is a working farm. By agreeing to this document you understand that there are certain hazards or potential for accidents on a farm and you agree to abide by all safety rules set forth at the beginning of your stay. You also herewith declare that should a medical event occur, neither PermEco Inc. nor its organisers/volunteers, nor Kendall Permaculture Farm, nor the farm owners/managers/supervisors will be held responsible. If you have any previously existing conditions or are on prescriptive medication, you should list it in the space provided in the application form.

Media Release

From time to time, PermEco documents courses, events and other happenings on the farm. This could be in the form of still photographs or film. By ticking the appropriate box on the form, you give permission for your image to be used in future media, including DVDs, website, photographs and publicity material.

You agree to adhere to PermEco’s MOU (this agreement) throughout the duration of your stay.

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