Trainee position

Moving the food forest tractor during the Permaculture Design Certificate course PDC course and getting some grass out

Learn how to manage a Permaculture Farm

PermEco Inc. is looking for a mature, motivated, hard working individual or couple for the Kendall Permaculture Farm. You will be working with and learning from the owners of the farm and you will learn all aspects of farm management, homesteading and food resilience. There is an opportunity to make an income by running the Syntropic Market Garden and supplying food from it to locals. You will be staying in the communal house, sharing with one other volunteer and a cat. Your room will be a large double room with double bed, cupboards and other storage space. The house has a kitchen and large walk-in pantry, dining and small lounge area, and an outdoor bathroom with washing machine and outdoor composting toilet.

PermEco Inc. is a not for profit organisation focused on educating, training and research into permanently productive ecosystems using permaculture, regenerative agriculture, syntropic and holistic farming and natural grazing techniques. Our education and demonstration site Kendall Permaculture Farm has a broad range of permaculture, syntropic and grazing management systems in place. As our systems are evolving and changing, we need a committed and motivated individual or couple to assist us to move forward. Please note that the farm has a no alcohol, smoking, drugs or chemicals policy.

You will need to be hard working, keen to learn and open to learning new things. You must be passionate about permaculture and other regenerative farming practices and be happy to work with animals and plants. You will have to be driven to make a difference on this planet, be physically fit, able to work long hours and have an easygoing personality. We would prefer you to have a Permaculture Design Certificate, however experience will count towards your suitability for this position. Feeling comfortable with yourself, and being happy with basic amenities and simple living is a necessity.

You need to be able to relate to people from different backgrounds and with different ideas, and be able to motivate them to achieve. Common sense and the ability to work out a practical solution to a problem is absolutely essential. You must be able to stick with the “mundane” or routine tasks, as well as able to notice what is out of place or needs to be acted upon immediately.

You must be happy to stay put in one place for some time, or even looking for your “forever home” without feeling the need to own a place. Kin Kin is a bit out of the way, so someone with a car and license is preferred. Noosa beaches are around 40 minutes away, the nearest town is 20 minutes and the nearest larger town is 25 minutes away.

Initially we are looking for a 6 month volunteer commitment, during which time you will be trained to be able to run the farm. The first 6 weeks will be on a trial basis so that we can establish whether the dynamics work and expectations are met. Your accommodation will be included. You are able to harvest food from the garden but will need to supply any extra food you may need/want. Please note that the hours are long, but we do have regular breaks and we try to give everyone some time off on weekends.

After 6 months we will discuss longer term plans and the possibility for you to make an income from the farm. Longer term plans may include training to be able to consult, co-teaching opportunities and further development and training, as well as other income producing activities.

If this sounds like you and you would like to apply, please fill in the form below. We will note on this page if the position has been filled, if no such notice is visible the position is still available.