Farm managers needed

The Kendall Permaculture Farm is in dire need of managers / care takers.


Are a couple, family or a couple of friends keen to live off grid and self sufficiently. Are happy to live simply and be part of a farm which supplies most of our needs with daily jobs. Are keen to settle and to commit to a place to be for at least a few years if not longer. Have experience in permaculture, regenerative and sustainable practices. Are happy to be surrounded by people, animals and nature and are easy going and have a positive outlook on life. Love to learn new things and are motivated to make things happen. Would like a simple, quiet place to live and are happy to take on whatever farm jobs need doing (eg. fencing, shovelling, cutting grass, animal care, emptying compost toilets, pruning, weeding, growing food etc). You are happy to run and manage a permaculture farm and its volunteers, don’t mind hard work and long hours, and are happy to look after some administrative sides of the farm in the future as required. You are allowed to stay and work in Australia. You do not believe in drama, are down to earth and comfortable with animals being killed and consumed on the farm. And you are handy, able to take anything on and a quick learner. You believe in and thrive on manual labour and providing your own needs.


We are an 18 year old permaculture farm with a biogas bio-digester, food forests, syntropic market garden, regenerative animal practices, dairy production (non-commercial, just for farm use), large kitchen garden, composting and other fertility systems and multiple other systems. Current owners of the farm would like to focus on property improvements and need help running the farm. We have a small farm house for your use (furnished but can be empty if preferred) and the Syntropic market garden is there for you to manage, which gives you the opportunity to make an income. We run events and courses on the farm which you can be involved with and use any of your skills that can contribute.

This is an unpaid position, however you will live rent free in a furnished home with no utility bills, and will be able to get most of your food from the farm. You can run a business by using and expanding on the current Syntropic Market Gardens.

If you are interested and you would like to meet with us, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to make a time and day. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the form below. We look forward to seeing your application!


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