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  • Zaia Kendall


Creating a permaculture garden bed with compost and mulch

Creating a garden bed with compost and mulch in our permaculture garden.

Use of Biological Resources in Establishing a Food Forest

Establishing a permaculture food forest by using biological resources, to increase self reliance.

Minimising your footprint

Increase your self reliance and minimise your carbon footprint by following these few tips.

Steps to self reliance: abundant bananas

Our permaculture garden improves our self reliance by providing us with an abundance in bananas.

Walls rock!

Using locally found rock, we built a rock retention wall in one of our Permaculture garden's swales. One of the keys to sustainability and self...

Home sweet potato…

A 3 kilogram sweet potato was found in our Permaculture garden and provided us with healthy meals for days.
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