Online PDC course feedback

Unsolicited feedback from some of our online students:

“I am totally thrilled to read I have successfully completed your permaculture design course. For 90% of the course I could sit in the comfort of my bed with the laptop and study the videos. I didn’t have to drive anywhere or camp out in a sleeping bag at anyone’s farm like other courses I have read about. Thanks for the approval of my design just 2 days later! Am sending another well-earned donation your way. I will print and frame the certificate and proudly hang it on my wall. When I told friends I was taking the PDC online they asked what permaculture is. They wanted to know all about it in the 2 minutes of their attention span. How do I condense a 6 week course into a 2 minute explanation for them? By the way, Simon Margeaux’s videos were terrifying and show the urgency of applying permaculture in all levels immediately. I’m getting on it! Permaculture is so far beyond just organic gardening but I have a good start here in what I’ve accomplished in the first 20 years on my arid California desert 10 acres. Thanks Tom and Zaia for making this very valuable information accessible and affordable, especially during the restrictions of the covid pandemic.” -PH, May 2021 PDC course

“Thank you both for your hard-working and dedication throughout the course. I enjoy applying and sharing what I learn from the course in my daily life and in the future, I also want to have my own permaculture-designed farm.” – VS, January 2021 PDC course

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Tom for putting on this permaculture course.  It has been eye opening and life changing.  I have learnt so much.

If only I had been aware of the things Tom taught when I was 30 years younger.  He has changed my outlook on the land and how we treat it.  I could never look at things the same again.

Whether I am successful or not with the certification, my life will not be the same.  I am now a steward of the land and realize how much I can impact it for future generations.  I now have the responsibility to help others to come to the same understanding, and I have started with my nephew who wants to acquire land to raise goats and farm.
Thank you both so very much!!” – DD, January 2021 PDC course

“Hi Zaia and Tom, Thank you so much for all your hard work creating this course. I am a single mum of two young children and have been thinking of doing a permaculture course for a long time and your course was the perfect opportunity to do this. I have been listening to the lectures whenever i have had a free moment and have really enjoyed learning from you. Being a mum and an ecologist i feel totally aligned with the permaculture principles and philosophy and i hope more people start to live in the way that it promotes. I am certainly starting early teaching my children to care for the earth, their own health and wellbeing and their community.” – LO, January 2021 PDC course

“Hi Zaia and Tom, thank you very much for your certification and comments on the assignment and, above all, for your big human and technical quality along this course. It’s been a very interesting and enriching experience that I’m sure I’ll never forget. I hope I’ll be able to put it into practice, and make a better world with all that I’ve learnt. ” – AM, January 2021 PDC course

“I chose the online PDC as, while I have some practical permaculture knowledge, having applied permaculture principles in my gardens and my life over many years, I often felt I lacked a deeper theoretical understanding. A lack of both time and money had got in the way of completing it earlier, so being able to study in my own time and pay what I could afford was wonderful. I’ve done many online courses over the years and I rate this up there with the best of them. I appreciated both the depth and the breadth of knowledge Tom shared with us, as well as all the other learning he connected us with. It was great to get the chance to design my own suburban block as well as apply what I’ve learned to some of the larger gardens I am currently working in. I also valued the opportunity to more clearly connect the dots between permaculture and community development (my profession). I would highly recommend PermEco’s PDC to anyone keen to learn more about permaculture and how it can be applied in our world today.  ” – JB, January 2021 PDC course

“I want to thank you both for an outstanding course. I was so sad to get to the final lesson because taking the course was a highlight to each day. You have created a fantastic farm and learning centre, and I hope to visit your farm one day. Progressive work in this area is coming out of Australia, where as Canada is not feeling the pinch yet . I remember growing up in the 70s in Australia when water wasn’t really an issue, and see how quickly things can change in a lifetime. Fantastic course and many thanks for offering it in a way that made it accessible to someone like myself.” – JH, PDC course January 2021

Thank you Zaia and Tom for an outstanding course and I am going to miss the lessons and FAQs – it was all so fantastic. I hope you will be able to launch more courses in future and will join the graduate group!” – JH, January 2021 PDC course

“Thank you very much for the course , your dedication and explanations. It has been very interesting and inspiring. Your website and videos are very instructive for me. Thanks a lot.” – AG, January 2021 PDC course

“Thanks so much for offering this course. I have really enjoyed it and have learnt so much. I like the relaxed feel and the real life stories and examples Tom uses. I also find it refreshing when Tom admits he doesn’t know something and that no matter how much experience you have it is a continual learning process. Thanks Tom and Zaia for your generosity in offering this course on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. A huge thanks to Zaia for your persistence through all the IT drama you’ve had to endure!! I don’t think I would’ve had the same calm manner and patience that you had.” – LM, January 2021 PDC course

“Thank you for the valuable information and guidance throughout the course.”

Just a few months ago, due to the pandemic, I lost my job and the situation became very frustrating and difficult. I took this gloomy situation as an opportunity to utilise this time to understand the message of Permaculture through this course. After joining the course, your passion and dedication became a big motivation for me. I will definitely spread the message of Permaculture that ‘Human beings are made for community, sharing and giving back to our planet.’
You have been such an inspiration to me.
Thank you very much.” – VD, October 2020 PDC course
“I have absolutely loved the course, you have both done an incredible job bringing it to life. Having an online option has allowed me to be able to learn a new skill from home as i am a stay at home mum, so this has been incredibly refreshing. ” – CL, October 2020 PDC course
“Thank you very much for your time and effort in facilitating this course. It has been a phenomenal experience! What I have learnt is invaluable.” – CE, October 2020 PDC course
“Thanks so much for this unbelievable course! It’s truly transformed my life!
I know it’s all been online and you don’t even know what I look like, but I kind of feel like I know Tom after watching many many hours of video footage. Keep it up Tom, I love your style!
I really hope I get to visit your farm one day or meet you both at a permaculture event to thank you properly. ” – JN, October 2020 PDC course

“I take this opportunity to thank you both very much for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience, putting it online and making it accessible to all of us. Continuing my journey of learning and practising permaculture has been a good way to go through such tough times, stay hopeful and focus on what really matters. ” – FA, October 2020 PDC course

“Thank you so much, Tom and Zaia. This has been a wonderful and inspiring course. I am noticing so much more everywhere I go and feel so much better equipped for whatever situation I am living in. It’s been wonderful feeling part of this community. Much gratitude to you both.” – KM, October 2020 PDC course

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both. The course has been amazing! It is the first time in 10 years I have taken time away from being a mum to do something I really valued! Looking forward to send through my assignment! Thank you again!! You are changing lives and communities with this opportunity.” – JL, October 2020 PDC course

“Thank you both so much for providing such a great resource. It’s really well put together and has been a joy to immerse myself in.” – KM, October 2020 PDC course

“You are a fantastic teacher Tom and it’s wonderful that you have such great support behind the scenes from Zaia who obviously puts in a lot of effort as well. What I liked most was your passion behind what you teach and I could see you know so very much about the land so I felt honoured that you passed some of this on to me. The other thing I liked was your sense of humour and your humbleness in your approach. A lot of what you share regarding connection and going with the flow and not thinking from a small ego mind align with mine already but there is always room for improvement. – MDF, October 2020 PDC course

“thank you both so much for all of your efforts with this course. I am learning so much and Appreciate the tour of the property and your living space. What you have created is awesome and  I hope to one day come and see it myself. I am really enjoying the content you are delivering it’s awesome!” – MDF, October 2020 PDC course

“Thank you again to both of you for all the hard work and dedication you have put in to help others.

Truely both are gifted with compassion and love x” – GG, July 2020 PDC course
“Thank you so much it was an amazing course, I learned a lot.  I love the way Tom teaches, very humble, teaches from the heart and real life experiences.” – LE, July 2020 PDC course
“Thanks for the PDC certificate, I am super happy with the course.” – RK, July 2020 PDC course
“Great, thankyou Zaia and Tom for the effort and dedication to providing such a great course” – NM, July 2020 PDC course
😃 Thanks so much!! Im stoked!!
Was a absolutely terrific course! Only thing I missed was the real human interaction. Hopefully another day soon!” – LC, July 2020 PDC course

“First off, I just want to thank the both of you so very much for doing this course. It honestly means a lot to me, and I learned so much. I had been looking for a long time for a course or something to teach me more about permaculture. Everything in the US that I had found was just so showy or trying to be catchy and flashy and they were all so expensive. Most were $1000 to $1200 for two or three weeks of their courses (not including travel and some said you would have to pay extra for food) and there is no way I could afford that. Thanks to the both of you, I was able to learn something amazing and find out how much I loved it. I spent hours pouring over information to figure out what plants to use on the property for the assignment. I wish I had more money so I could pay you more, but I promise you I will talk only about you and PermEco to anyone I discuss permaculture to in the hopes of getting as many people as possible your way. Tom, if you do “upgrade” the videos, please just still be yourself. That is something that made this so special. It really feels like we are there and that you care about us. Some of the “trial” videos from US sites, there we so informal and felt like they were just trying to sell something, which I mean they were, but they just didn’t seem to care about the topic or how things were done. I don’t know how to explain it, but you are so real and down to earth, don’t change that.” – SM, July 2020 PDC course

“I would like to thank you immensely for what you put out into the world. I really appreciate the passion and energy you put into this work and your drive to live within the boundaries of your property. It is very inspiring!” – AE, July 2020 PDC course

“Thanks so so so much to you both! Ive loved learning all these strategies and can not wait to get hands on and implement!” – LC, July 2020 PDC course

“I feel like I am getting a basic grasp of the permaculture principles and it has been such a joy learning from Tom. Thank you to both of you for putting on this course in a way that is affordable for everyone, forever grateful. ” – DG, July 2020 PDC course

“Thank you so much for a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much! I feel inspired to adopt the permaculture principles in my lifestyle and feel grateful for this opportunity to do a PDC online.” – MT, July 2020 PDC course

“Thank you so much for offering such a great online course I really enjoyed it. ” – LE, July 2020 PDC course

“I loved the course and hearing the stories Tom told in the videos made learning a lot more fun.” – AB, July 2020 PDC course

“Taking the course with Zaia and Tom is an excellent opportunity to get to know the incredible world of permaculture in a stimulating and funny way. With dedication and enthusiasm, as well as experience and professionalism, they have managed to convey what is their passion and their fascinating way of life.  The reunification with nature and the restoration of a healthy and flourishing balance between all living beings are the basic principle that carries this practice forward. I recommend this course to all people who believe in the possibility of change and rebirth, those who want to get involved but above all those who want to discover important but often neglected details of every amazing element that surrounds us. The online option was the only possibility that allowed me to follow this course in this period and it was organized excellently, they were always available and open to dialogue and for any doubt, help or clarification. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me!”
Ilaria, May 2020 PDC course

“I really enjoyed Tom and Zaia’s online permaculture course. I have learnt so much and I have a new-found enthusiasm for sustainable-living and for bringing the permaculture principles into my lifestyle and gardening. I feel as though I have a new perspective, like a permaculture “vision” or “goggles” for the landscapes and systems around me. I have wanted to study permaculture for a long time and I was very happy to be referred to PermEco Inc. by others on two occasions, particularly because Tom and Zaia’s course is so accessible being online and by donation. This allowed me to upskill while being stuck at home during COVID-19 and without an income. Being the first trial of the online course, there were some minor hiccups, and I had to request extra time to complete the course as I found it challenging at times to juggle my life and devote several hours per day to screen-time for watching the videos. But other than the suggestion of extending the course timeframe, I highly recommend this course. The only thing that is missing is the on-ground experience and I am looking forward to visiting the PermEco Inc. property the next opportunity that I can!”
Ariana Magini, May 2020 PDC course

Note by PermEco Inc: the online course is now over 6 weeks, rather than the 2 weeks dedicated for the May course.

“I completed the online PDC with Tom and Zaia and fell in love with permaculture! I would highly recommend this course to anyone whether new to permaculture or looking to further your knowledge. The passion they both have really shines through and is contagious!”
J.G., May 2020 PDC course
“I thoroughly enjoyed the online PDC offered by Permeco. Tom’s passion for the subject is a key highlight in all lectures and the live Q&A sessions were a great way to connect and get feedback in real time. The course website is very easy to navigate with so much content and the affordability of the course during these unprecedented times was a real help to myself.  I would happily recommend this online course to anybody looking to learn permaculture.”
Mitch Sullivan, May 2020 PDC course
“Thanks a lot for the inspirational journey Tom & Zaia! I learned a lot, I changed my perspective and I will take and use the knowledge the rest of my life!”
J.C., May 2020 PDC course