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Zaia's Wholefood Recipes - 70 whole food recipes Zaia

  • 70 wholefood recipes from over 15 years experience of cooking for different dietary needs with whole foods!

    (from the back cover) Recipe creator Zaia in front of their houseZaia is a musician, percussionist and composer, homesteader, permaculturist and nutrition and wellness coach. She runs a permaculture farm with husband Tom Kendall in the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, where they are close to self sufficiency. They eat 90-95% from their own property. Over the years Zaia has accumulated a number of recipes for cooking simple but tasty meals with locally grown wholefood ingredients, some of which she shares with you in this book. Tom and Zaia eat their own vegetable, fruit and animal produce. Most waste generated on the property is re-used on the property. They also teach courses and workshops, and do farm tours and farm stays. They organise the event CelebrATE!, a long weekend celebration of permaculture, music and food on their Permaculture farm Maungaraeeda, with lots of practical hands on workshops and entertainment. Zaia was vegetarian / vegan for 14 years and has experimented with many different diets, and has had to cater for volunteers and students with a lot of different dietary needs over the years. She is a strong advocate for local wholefood eating and due to her varied dietary experiences, is able to advise people on substitutes for any dietary need. Zaia is a musician as well, and runs percussion classes and workshops. She is part of a number of musical projects, both private and community based, and has released a solo CD as well as recorded with other bands. For more about Zaia, Tom and their farm, please visit their websites www.permeco.org for farm happenings and www.zaia-music.com for more on Zaia's music. To interact with them online, visit their facebook pages: kendallpermaculture and zaiamusic, where they are building an online community with similar interests.
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