Regenerative Agriculture Case Study

Regional Aid Program

Regenerative Agriculture Practitioners are achieving amazing results, however they are challenged to find time and resources to record and document the improvements, changes and procedures they put in place. Their focus lies with the improvement of the soil and the health of their produce and animals, not with measuring and documenting those improvements.

Regenerative Agriculture and Broadacre Permaculture Farmer friends of PermEco Inc. are in the process of purchasing a degraded piece of land (several thousands of acres) in North Queensland. They have extensive experience using regenerative agriculture, holistic and natural grazing methods, Syntropic farming and permaculture methods to regenerate their existing farms. To encourage future generations to return to the land, they would like to show that land can be made productive in only a few years.

PermEco Inc. is teaming up with these farmers to do measurements, film, take photos and keep records as part of a case study which will be made available for free on the PermEco Inc. website. The case study will also result in an easy to read downloadable report to hopefully encourage existing and aspiring farmers to embrace regenerative farming practices.

This case study will need to be done well and in an impartial capacity, which is why PermEco Inc. is fundraising publicly. PermEco Inc. will need to travel to the property at least 2 times per year over the next 3 - 5 years to keep accurate records and documentation, and will need to invest in measurement tools. Expenses will be published publically for full transparency. This fundraiser is to cover expenses for the first year, from November 2020 to the end of 2021. Fundraising will be ongoing for subsequent years.

The PermEco team involved will be Tom Kendall, who is a lifelong farmer and has extensive experience in broadacre farming. He is now a Permaculture and Regenerative agriculture consultant and teacher. Zaia Kendall will be documenting the study, film and take photos, collate productivity information, keep account of expenses, update the website with current information and look after other administrative tasks. We will also take people in hand who are experienced in measuring run off, soil quality and other related measurements.

PermEco Inc. runs solely on donations and we hope to be able to run this project with your support!

Thank you for considering us for your donations! Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@permeco.org for more information.

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