Membership Levels

Hi and thank you for considering to join our membership community!

The Kendall Permaculture Farm is an ever evolving art work, with new systems being added all the time. A lot of work and money goes into the creation and maintenance of the farm’s systems. We would love to share what we do with you in detail on a weekly basis, however we cannot do this unless we can achieve an income from the sharing process. We have started this community to enable us to regularly inspire people about what can be done to improve our planet, and we hope to get a financial return from sharing this information with you so that we can add more systems to the Farm. We have created 5 tiers of membership, which we hope will be affordable for everyone.

Your support will enable us to:

1. Add dog proof fencing (we have wild dog issues as we back onto National Park) and other fencing so that we can run more diverse animal systems. We currently only run cows, goats and chickens, and we would like to add sheep, turkeys, geese, ducks and possibly pigs, to improve the animal diversity on our farm. Holistic grazing also requires electric fencing and moveable chicken systems.

2. Add more diverse tree and plant systems.

3. Create more dams on the property, as we are becoming drier, our water needs are increasing. We are getting concerned that our current water supply won’t be enough. As we have shaley soil, the process of putting in a dam is costly.

4. Updating the student and volunteer area to create a more comfortable space for everyone.

5. Updating the teaching facilities by improving and adding onto existing structures.

6. Improving facilities for future events.

With each level you will get more information:

Tier 1 will give you more educational snippets

Tier 2 will give you more educational snippets and more articles

Tier 3 will give you more educational snippets, more articles and more videos

Tier 4 will give you more educational snippets, more articles, more videos and more courses

Tier 5 will give you more educational snippets, more articles, more videos, more courses plus a half hour phone session per month with Tom Kendall to discuss your project in detail.

If you are keen and excited to support us and are willing to make a regular donation, please choose one of the tiers below. You can also donate to us by clicking on the donate button on the right.


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