Kendall Permaculture: Zaia and Tom Kendall

Tom and Zaia Kendall
Tom and Zaia Kendall from the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast and Kendall Permaculture
Tom and Zaia Kendall from PRI Sunshine Coast and Kendall Permaculture

Hi and welcome to kendallpermaculture.com! We are Tom and Zaia Kendall, down to earth permaculturists who live permaculture on our permaculture demonstration and education site “Maungaraeeda”. We are simple folk living simply. Our farm has an ever expanding number of permaculture systems. Systems like food forests, swales, humanure systems, biogas systems, natural & recycled buildings, animal systems, composting systems and more. We currently eat 95% from our own property, produce 100% of our cooking energy and water, around 50% of our other energy needs and 80% of our animal feed. As we work on attaining a closed cycle on the property, we produce very little rubbish .

Our passion is teaching others about Permaculture and its systems by getting people involved on our Permaculture Farm and Education site. Not for profit Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Inc. runs Permaculture courses, PDC courses and other Permaculture training at Maungaraeeda. All courses are taught by us. We do not focus on having large numbers of students in our courses, instead we focus on quality of course material intergration by the students. Hence our courses are capped to 15 students.
Please browse our website, we have over 300 free articles available here, everything from building a garden bed to how to use produce creatively in the kitchen, mixing up cow manure for the bio-digester to articles about music and social issues.
Enjoy our kendallpermaculture.com site! You can contact us here with any comments or questions you have. Thank you for visiting!

Real food, real design, real living

Animal systems: chickens, cows, ducks, goats, dogs, cat

Cooking fuel systems: rockets stoves and biogas (methane from cow manure)

Food forestry

Kitchen Gardens

Compost turning during a Permaculture Design Certificate course
Variety of composting systems (inc. composting toilets)

Water management systems (dams, swales, rainwater harvest & distribution etc)

Soil Management

Animal Food growing systems


Natural local building materials

Real people practising real permaculture
Zaia and Tom Kendall, real people practising real Permaculture with Integrity

Garden Harvest from our Permaculture Farm Maungaraeeda
Systems to minimise outside input and/or using locally available materials
and much more!

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