International Aid program

International Aid

PermEco Inc. supports international communities, villages, peoples and projects in need of guidance to a more sustainable future by providing them with advice and assistance in becoming more self reliant. PermEco Inc. believes that by empowering people and communities to be able to sustain themselves, they will also sustain their environment by returning their native environment to a state of sustainability and productivity. Diabetes has become one of the biggest killers of the indigenous population, with many falling sick, needing amputations or dying due to the introduction of “western based” products like white flour, sugar, white rice and its derivatives. Villagers were encouraged by Westerners to leave behind their traditional village lives in order to live in more disaster prone areas to enable better access by people from the west. They were encouraged to convert to monoculture cropping of non-indigenous and indigenous crops to create an economy. In return they were sold white flour, sugar and rice and toxic vegetable oils and forced to send their children to schools far away, thus creating disease and a break down of the traditional community hierarchy.

Our consultants will travel to the community or village on the request of the people based there, discuss with them their challenges and goals, and will help them create a plan to create a sustainable, productive ecosystem with the people themselves as an integral part of the system.

With more intense natural disasters occurring due to climate change and traditional peoples becoming ill, dis-eased and disabled due to western influenced diets, indigenous people are now realising that their traditional, natural methods of living and feeding themselves were appropriate for their area and lives. With a little bit of guidance and education, they can be moved back to their traditional methods of growing and living, with possibly some improvements added and some suggestions made as to how to create an economy whilst still adhering to their traditional lifestyles. PermEco Inc. will not function as another westerner telling the people what to do, rather guide and educate, and bring back the traditional methods of farming and eating which allowed these people to thrive for many centuries.

PermEco Inc. will stay in contact with the leader or head of the community or village as much as possible and will maintain a diary for the project. If possible, the consultant will return and take photos and more notes in regards to implementation of the proposed system/s. The notes will be compiled into case study notes and published on the website for free access.

If you would like to apply for assistance or are interested in finding out more, or wish to donate towards this program, please fill out the form below. Donations can also be made by clicking on the donate button on your right.

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