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Steve Rush

Thanks for replying. I think this area merits more exploration. Before modern pasture agriculture Europe had a history of coppice/pollard forest agriculture as sources of winter feed in place of hay. Much like our own foods many contain alkaloids/toxins as well as variable minerals so a balanced diverse feed is required. Acacia sp., moringa, tagasaste, leucaena, honey locust, ash, alders, silky oak, kurrajong, pidgeon pea, cowpea, carob, causarina, willow, poplar, Rowan’s. Some of these may become rampant ‘weeds’, so grow them inside animal pastures/enclosures and use browse pressure to keep them manageable. Many also fix nitrogen, provide shade/shelter for stock amongst other benefits.

John Seymour’s complete book of self sufficiency details some old field fodder crops and silviculture/agroforestry are decent resources for animal friendly plantings.

What are the plants in the various animals cut and carry feeds?
Do you sow any grasses or herbs into your pastures?
Do you grow supplementary feed for overwintering? (assuming you get more dry then relative cold)