Day 9 of the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) course, food and drink and Permaculture group meeting

Tom & Zaia

Tom & Zaia Kendall run permaculture designed farm "Kendall Permaculture Farm" on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and the not for profit organisation PermEco Inc. and teach permaculture and self reliance. They are passionate about permaculture, sustainability and community building through music. Tom & Zaia post articles, videos and courses online for PermEco Inc. PermEco Inc. offers most of its services by donation - pay what you can afford, in order to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

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  1. Kim Best says:

    What a fantastic course you and Tom put on! I did my PDC online with Geoff in 2015, but I can definitely see the benefits of doing an ‘in-house and hands dirty’ course like yours. Keep up the great work. I hope to be in a position soon to purchase some land and start an intentional community to assist people who can’t afford their own land to live a permaculture life. Kind Regards, Kim Best

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