40 Hour Jammin’

14 & 15 November 2020

@ the Kendall Permaculture Farm

Violinist virtuoso Shenzo Gregorio and PermEco Inc. are organising the next 40 hour Jammin' to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease on the 14th and 15th of November 2020. The event will run from 6am Saturday morning until 10pm Sunday evening on the Kendall Permaculture Farm in Kin Kin (Noosa Hinterland) by not for profit organisation PermEco Inc.

The event will be ticketed with capped attendance due to Covid, 20% of takings go towards organising expenses of the event, 40% to the MND & ME foundation to support people with Motor Neurone Disease, and 40% will be divided up between all participating musicians, in order to support them during these difficult times. If musicians waive their fee it will automatically go to the MND & ME foundation.
This year we will possibly buy equipment like ventilators and iPads (for communication) to donate to the MND & ME foundation, so they can distribute those items to existing MND sufferers. We will keep you informed!

The 40 hour Jammin will be organised in 4 hour blocks over 2 stages on the one property. We are aiming for around 2 hours of programmed music (bands and existing ensembles) and the remaining 2 hours will be jamming time consisting of the musicians who performed and other musicians who would like to contribute. There could be some themed blocks (eg Gypsy Jazz, classical etc), but it will be fairly open. Tickets will need to be pre-purchased, there will be no ticket sales at the gate. There are a limited amount of VIP all access tickets available (entire weekend access) for silent auction. You can find the form below to place your bid.

Due to Covid there will be capped attendance and limited amounts of people who can be in any one area at a time. This will be strictly monitored, so we can adhere to all the Covid Safe practices. This will be a Covid Safe event, adhering to the Covid Safe Event Checklist.

Please stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath. If you become unwell during the event, please seek assistance by notifying the event organisers. Maintaining physical distancing requirements is the individual's responsibility.

This is an alcohol, smoke and drug free event. Food is available for purchase onsite from Bearded Brothers Eats and coffee/tea is available for purchase from 5th Element Coffee. There will be a fundraising cake stall onsite and a massage stall which will offer chair massages for $1 per minute.

We are really looking forward to this event, and we are immensely grateful for your support!

For the 40 Hour Jammin program and participating artists, please click here.

Limited VIP tickets are now up for silent auction! Please place your bid by filling out the form and entering your bid below. Minimum bid is $200.

We are selling VIP (all weekend access) tickets by silent auction to raise as much money as possible for the MND & ME charity and participating musicians. Limited tickets available! You place a bid for your ticket, the top 40 bids will receive their tickets for their bidding price. Bidding ends on 9 October 2020 and bidders will receive notice in the following week whether they have won a ticket. If you win a ticket you will be invoiced for your bidding amount and have 5 days to pay for your ticket. If the event is cancelled due to Covid, or you become ill and cannot attend, we will refund your ticket in full unless you wish to donate all or part of the amount to the charity. If you do not pay for your ticket within 5 days of receiving the invoice, you will forfeit your ticket and it will be offered to the next highest bidder. Please ensure you whitelist (allow emails to arrive in your inbox) the email address zaia [at] permeco.org to receive communications from us. Limited tickets are available for this event due to limits on attendees (Covid Safe event).

Your VIP ticket includes a 40 hour Jammin VIP t-shirt and the overnight acoustic jam. The 15 top bids will be treated to a special "Dawn Chorus" with Linsey Pollak and the birds on the Kendall Permaculture Farm on Saturday morning 14 November at 6.15am. VIPs are also in the draw for:

    • taking part in the Saturday night marimba jam
    • online musical instrument lessons
    • a beautiful photo print (see below)
    • one on one yoga lessons
    • fresh produce boxes from the farm
    • massages
    • and more!

The more money you raise for the MND & ME charity on Facebook, the more times you will go into the draw for these amazing incentives! Bid now for your ticket!

Program is subject to change without notice.

Saturday 14 November 2020

6am – 10am dawn jam – chill stage

  • 6.00am Hayley Shepherd & Gary Ward
  • 6.15am – 6.45am Linsey’s Dawn Chorus for the top 15 Highest bidder VIP tickets
  • 7.00am Ric Halstead & Sue Moxon
  • From 8am Shenzo Gregorio, Linsey Pollak and others – dawn jam with Tai Chi by Rod Ferguson

10am – 2pm  (Gypsy) Jazz jam – dance stage

  • 10.00am Gypsy Cats
  • From 11pm (Gypsy) Jazz jam
  • 1pm Songlines

2pm – 6pm Flow jam – chill stage

  • 2pm The Deep End
  • 2.45pm The Dawn Light (OJ Newcomb & Angela Iimura)
  • 3.30pm String Polytet with Shenzo Gregorio
  • 4.15pm Dangerous Song – Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O’Keefe
  • From 5pm Flow Jam – 5.55pm procession to dance stage for Welcome to Country handover

6pm – 10pm nighttime dance jam – dance stage

  • 6pm Welcome to Country with Uncle Alan
  • 6.15pm Nizami
  • 7.15pm Acoustic Marimba Jam with Linsey Pollak, Donna Miller, Zaia Kendall, Nizami and others
  • From 7.45pm Funk jam, with members of Affro Dizzi Act, Highlife, the Balkanics and more
  • Andrew Clermont MC

10pm – 6am acoustic procession to Burning the Midnight Oil Acoustic Jam at the cedars – only for VIP ticket holders and musicians

Sunday 15 November 2020

6am – 10am yoga and awakening jam – chill stage

  • 6am 2 hours of yoga teaching with Lisa, Nikki and Dani
  • 6am Yoga Jam
  • 8.30am Jacinta Foale, Emma McDonald and Tnee Dyer
  • Silks performance with Lisa Horton

10 – 2pm lyrical jam – dance stage

  • 10am Barry Charles
  • 10.45am Rob Longstaff
  • 11.30am Karl S. Williams
  • 12.15pm Zoe Quinn
  • From 1pm -> Lyrical Jam

2pm – 6pm Spanish / classical jam – chill stage

  • 2pm Youkali – Andrew Veivers, Kacey Patrick & Louise King
  • 3.00pm Shenzo Gregorio quartet
  • From 4.00pm -> Spanish/Classical Jam (5.55pm procession to dance stage for handover to final jam)

6pm – 10pm closing (final dance) jam – dance stage

  • 6.00pm The Feral Cats of Tokyo
  • 7.00pm JamminShakes with members of the Barleyshakes, Shenzo Gregorio and more
  • From 8pm Altogether Now Final Jam (with thank you’s) with Andrew Clermont & the 40 hour Jammin musicians
  • Andrew Clermont MC
  • 10pm CLOSE

Subject to change without notice

  1. Linsey Pollak – marimba, percussion, reeds, weird stuff
  2. Shenzo Gregorio – strings
  3. Zaia Kendall – percussion, marimba
  4. Linus Monsour – drums, sound, light, stage
  5. Tnee Dyer – keys, vocals, videographer
  6. Lizzie O’Keefe – vocals
  7. OJ Newcomb – bass guitar, vocals
  8. Angela Iimura – guitar, vocals
  9. Donna “Fati” Miller – percussion, marimba
  10. Oscar Langton – drum kit, marimba, percussion
  11. Duncan MacQueen – drums, kits, congas, percussion
  12. Gary Ward – guitar, bass guitar
  13. Jay Bishoff – guitar, singer/songwriter
  14. Alan Kelly – guitar, percussion, vocals
  15. Hayden Hack – guitar, vocals, singer/songwriter
  16. Shannon Sol Carroll – guitar, vocals
  17. Rob Longstaff – guitar, singer/songwriter
  18. Ric Halstead – Soprano sax, flute
  19. Phil Griffin – Bass
  20. Andrew Veivers – guitar
  21. Kacey Patrick – vocals
  22. Karl S. Williams – guitar, vocals
  23. Nikki Berry – marimba, percussion, massage, yoga
  24. Misha Dorendahl – Marimba, percussion
  25. Louise King – cello
  26. Liz Young – violin
  27. Rod Ferguson – Tai Chi
  28. Barry Charles – guitar, singer/songwriter
  29. David Bentley – keys, singer/songwriter
  30. Hayley Erin – Harp
  31. Lisa Horton – silks, yoga
  32. Ali Jane – yoga
  33. Danielle Cecarelli – yoga
  34. Barney Jackson – flute, sax
  35. Jason Phillips – massage
  36. Uncle Alan Parsons – welcome to country
  37. Beat Lehmann – photographer, singer
  38. Brendan Hook – Tenor sax
  39. Emma McDonald – musical saw
  40. Jacinta Foale – Keys, marimba, ukulele, singing
  41. Sue Moxon – Keys, Hang
  42. Cameron De La Vega – Gypsy Guitar
  43. John Reeves – Piano Accordian
  44. Peter Walters – Acoustic Bass
  45. Mircha Mangiacottie – ‘Gypsy Cats’ Jazz Guitar
  46. Emma Hales – ‘Gypsy Cats’ Double Bass/Cello
  47. Dany Avanzini – ‘Gypsy Cats’ Gypsy Jazz Guitar, visual art
  48. Roberto Fontana – ‘Gypsy Cats’ Trumpet
  49. Alex Crighton – gypsy jazz guitar/sound engineer
  50. Miranda Deutsch – Gypsy Jazz Guitar
  51. Eumundi School of Rock 5 piece super band ‘The Feral Cats of Tokyo’ with Cora Ledwith Lochie Kapper Zac Hughes Oscar Huntley Dexter Hurren
  52. Zac Hurren – Saxophone
  53. Andrew Clermont – violin, viola, other strings, MC
  54. Zoe Quinn – guitar, singer/songwriter
  55. Suzie Gregory – Violin
  56. Jimmy Halliday – Trumpet, singer
  57. Andy Higgins – Keys, vox
  58. Dane Higgins – Drums, vox
  59. Elliott Orr – Drums, percussion
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